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"Ooh, this person has a cell phone! How nice! I guess it's mine now." Chewing sounds. "Bloody primative, but better than nothing. I wonder if I could turn it into a lasdriver. Wouldn't that be nice . . ."

There's a moment of thoughtful silence. Then, "A laser screwdriver with a built-in phone, press the wrong button and it lasers your brain! Brilliant! Now how do you get this thing open?"

There's a mrow sort of sound. "What? Oh. Hiya kitty. You like back alleys too, then? I bet you're hungry too, eh kitty? Want to share the tasty person? No? Oh well . . . now where was I? Oh, laserphone. Right. We can use it to zap rats. I bet you like rats.

"Hey, is this thing on? It is, isn't it--"


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Based on what little we know of the Time War, and various interesting fanfics, I have made a few decisions:

  • The Neverweres and Meanwhiles were all the people who the Time War erased from history. The Could-HaveBeen King was the first one--the son that Koschei might've had if not for the drumming.
  • The Nightmare Child was the Master himself. To the Daleks he probably was a nightmare, and he was driven mad as a child. When he returned on the Last Day the energies forming around him were vast enough that they made him look like a giant eating spaceships.
  • The Horde of Travesties were people whose very biology had been twisted by the changes in time, devolved and re-evolved in strange ways. They were, however, time-aware enough to know what had been done to them, that they were in the wrong bodies, and they couldn't cope.
  • The Skaro Degradations were obsolete--and often alternate--Daleks used as cannon fodder.
  • Temporal weapons tend to be based on the problems involved in having half your body moving at a different rate than the other half. The results are . . . unpleasant.
  • The Master died four times, was the last survivor of three different squads, and was feared by both sides by the time he ran away.
  • There was a woman that the Master remembers getting her arm caught in a time loop, one that he was desperate to rescue. But other than that one memory of rescuing her, he has no clue who she was--she was grazed by timefire, apparently. Sometimes he has nightmares about her, the friend that he's forgotten. Sometimes he thinks she's right next to him, trying to get his attention. Maybe she is.
  • When the War got bad enough, the Master was one of the first people to think of hiding out in the Death Zone. He spent about a subjective year there, mostly killing anyone else who entered so the War wouldn't reach his safe haven. (Eventually the war came anyway; a Dalek time bomb landed right in the middle of the Zone and failed to detonate, leading to squads from both sides trying to retrieve and study it. The Master was so angry about this that he spontaneously invented a remote detonator for the damned bomb and set it off just as the squads arrived. Don't make geniuses angry, kids!)
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His true name is Mosdrakoscheitoritamorenoldacheen
He did not create the Toclafane, they did it to themselves. And the Utopia signal was there already, perhaps a distress signal from long ago.

He's a ghost. He absorbed the energy of Gallifrey dying and became a sort of mark on the fabric of the universe.

He ate Rassilon, and what was left of Lucy.

He has in his pockets at any time an apple, some slices of ham, three fingers, a few cookies, a slice of cake, a dead rat and some tea bags.
Oh, and a laser screwdriver!

He and his Doctor will live long, die in each others' arms, and go to a Heaven with red grass together. In place of drums there will be the sound of wings, and every days will feel like an adventure.

Time Words

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Whenwhere: when and where
Katachronophlogiston: timefire, fire that burns things out of history (Word invented by China Mieville)
Temporoceleritation: time speeding up (Word from this rather brilliant fanfic)
Temporolentation: time slowing down (Ibid.)
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  • The first person who turned off the music to tell the Master something was hung upside-down and flayed. No one ever turned off his music again.
  • Anyone who asked to go home was tossed off the Valiant. It's a long way down.
  • Jack crucified as a Christmas decoration
  • Severed head collecting for Easter
  • Making people be gladiators
  • Playing darts with a world map and bombing the place it hits
  • Burning Paris for Valentine's Day
  • Handing out human hearts for same
  • Ice skating on frozen blood
  • Ice skating the Nile
  • Do NOT interrupt the Master when he's speaking
  • If the Master can't sleep nobody sleeps. Nobody on Earth.
  • Anyone who spills food gets cooked
  • Daily Jack torture. Includes beating, poisoning, dismembering, skewering, freezing, starving, gutting, beheading, burning, etc etc
  • Let's see if hedge clippers make Jack less randy.
  • Blasting people at random
  • 'Off with their head' as headache remedy
  • Hiding in a closet screaming at the drums
  • Horrific threats
  • Giggling insanely for no particular reason
  • Feeding Jack to his friends. Later on, feeding them back to him!
  • Exploding various things and places to 'Another One Bites The Dust'
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The Master's room is big, and most of it is black. The floor is red and the ceiling has orange highlights, though--the only sign that he misses his original home.

He grins at the Doctor and pats the bed.
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Honestly, I think she really does drive herself. *The Doctor was working on some project or other, so the Master had been left with Donna to keep an eye on him. Naturally, they'd wound up going on an adventure instead.* Although Other knows why we're here. Unless she wants us to save the day while the Doctor's busy, but I'm really not the saving people type. Quite the opposite, in fact.

*He shrugs and opens the TARDIS doors, then winces.* Ah yes, charming as ever. Don't look, Donna, its called the Torture Pits for a reason. I used to come here on vacation. It's managed to go even more downhill somehow.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Setram. Because why not.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Attempting to flag down a passing flying saucer, of course.
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People I don't like dying. What else?
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The drums. I would make them never have existed.[Error: unknown template qotd]
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Just a little fic. Because there is no point to life if not for heaven.
At the very end of Time, well after the failure of Utopia, there is a box. It is small and would be of no consequence if not for the fact that it is the last occupied dwelling in the galaxy. Perhaps the universe.
"Getting a bit late, isn't it?" The speaker is thin and blonde. He was once a madman, but sanity and insanity don't apply to such as these. Not in the end days.
"How would you be able to tell if it was?" responds his dark-haired companion wryly. "It's been dark out for ten thousand years now."
"And if you had the slightest clue how to maintain a TARDIS properly we wouldn't be here, now would we." The man who was the Master long ago chuckles. "Not that it matters, really. We're old enough now that I'm rather looking foreward to it."
The Doctor smiles. "Remember the Toclafane? It was fun to see them again."
"It was, yes.." The Master looks out at the sky. "I do believe the last star just went out. Shall we?"
The Doctor nods and takes the Master's hand, and together they step outside for the last time.
There is a sound of wings, It is the last sound ever heard this time around.

Heaven has red grass and silver trees. The sky is orange. And two men leave their bigger-on-the-inside house to watch the sunset every day. It is quiet in the Master's head, and the Doctor can finally stop running. It's a good way for the long story to end.
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The Master grins at Jack.

"You get all the knowledge of a Time Lord. On a constant basis, not like the Doctor popping up once a year or whatever. You get someone who can shoot lightning bolts and build death rays out of spare parts. You get someone who is more than happy to make bodies disappear.

"And all I ask is the occasional playdate."

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