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The Master's room is big, and most of it is black. The floor is red and the ceiling has orange highlights, though--the only sign that he misses his original home.

He grins at the Doctor and pats the bed.
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Honestly, I think she really does drive herself. *The Doctor was working on some project or other, so the Master had been left with Donna to keep an eye on him. Naturally, they'd wound up going on an adventure instead.* Although Other knows why we're here. Unless she wants us to save the day while the Doctor's busy, but I'm really not the saving people type. Quite the opposite, in fact.

*He shrugs and opens the TARDIS doors, then winces.* Ah yes, charming as ever. Don't look, Donna, its called the Torture Pits for a reason. I used to come here on vacation. It's managed to go even more downhill somehow.
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The Master grins at Jack.

"You get all the knowledge of a Time Lord. On a constant basis, not like the Doctor popping up once a year or whatever. You get someone who can shoot lightning bolts and build death rays out of spare parts. You get someone who is more than happy to make bodies disappear.

"And all I ask is the occasional playdate."


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